The Golden Rhino

What is the Golden Rhino?

The Golden Rhino is an annual Warhammer 40k Tournament hosted in Southeast Michigan by the Highland Township Library Club and Ian Pietila, typically occurring in July each year.  But the Golden Rhino is much more than a tournament, it is an opportunity for players and hobbyists alike to enjoy three rounds of spirited Warhammer 40k battles.  From crazy bonuses like yelling “Don’t park so close next time” when a model is slain from a vehicle explosion to buying a “Rigel’s worth” of raffle tickets, there is plenty of fun to be had by all.

As Ian put it best in the intro, “The Golden Rhino exists so that players could have fun, and boy did we!”

Golden Rhino 2018

Welcome to the fourth Annual Golden Rhino Warhammer 40K Tournament!

This year to make room for as many people as possible I have turned it into a team event with a maximum player potential of 60 people!

Due to popular demand this event has one again COMPLETELY sold out!

Posted in this page is the third edition PDF of the current player packet in a rough draft form (subject to change). Found here:

Golden Rhino 2018 Mission Packet

As a note to all players attending this year. This packet will NOT be modified after May 31, 2018. Any changes or thoughts of change (that are not rules clarifications or discrepancy fixes) will be amended for next years tournament and not this one.

Those of you still wanting to go, after reading the player packet, will have a chance to be on a waiting list open in case there are dropouts. If you are a player with a ticket paid for already and you decide to inform me (Ian Pietila) that you are dropping out, I will immediately remove you from the list of players and your spot will be given to the next person. If after you have dropped out you want back in you will join the bottom of the waiting list.

Should you wish to be on the waiting list please post to the Facebook event.  If you do not have Facebook, please email Ian Pietila.

Attention waiting list players. Please ask to be put on the list if you wish to attend. This will help secure you a spot in this years tournament as well as show me how many spots I’ll need for next year.

I will try to update this event as often as possible. Should you have any questions please post them to the Facebook event page. If you do not have Facebook, please email Ian Pietila.  As a polite reminder to you all, I am the only person handling this event. Please give me time to reply to you all.

Thank you
Ian Pietila

The Details

When: Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 7 am – 9 pm
Where: Highland Township Public Library, 444 Beach Farm Cir, Highland Twp (Oakland county), MI 48356-2971, United States
Mission Packet: Golden Rhino 2018 Mission Packet
Questions: Ian Pietila,

Golden Rhino 2018 Coverage

Purge the Alien will be providing coverage of the 2018 Golden Rhino by recording the top table games and multiple interviews!  Please check out the Live Stream during the event below.  Also, be sure to check back in to to this page and our YouTube channel after the event for the complete coverage!