Welcome to Purge the Alien!

Hello and welcome to Purge the Alien!

We are here to provide you with some awesome Warhammer content including battle reports, podcasts and articles.  Please join us as we dive deep into the hobby and explore a variety of topics within the Warhammer Age of Sigmar, 40k and 30k universes.  These topics are discussed in a few different series, please see a description of each series below:

Battle Reports

Exactly how it sounds!  We produce video based Battle Reports for the AoS, 40k and 30k platforms at a variety of points and mission types.  The BatReps are about 1.5 to 2 hours in length and are perfect for tuning into while working on your favorite model.



A podcast that has a slight focus on the competitive scene and is more formal in nature.  These podcasts typically run about 60 minutes in length and are a good choice for those gamers who love the game play and competitive aspect of Warhammer.



We want to share our experience and knowledge with you!  To help do this, we produce articles and write ups that cover  hobby How-To’s, product reviews, and other Warhammer related topics.


Periodically, we like to provide a little extra special content to spice things up.  This includes items such as unboxing videos, how to play videos, and FAQs.  Be sure to check out all of the extra content on the Extras page below!


We hope you enjoy the variety of content and we welcome and questions, comments, or suggestions!

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